Core Values

Established in 2008, SNB group of companies is a dynamic organization with business interest in diverse range of industries including e-commerce, online media, Travel & tourism service, digital content fine dining retailing and others. The group is a leading provider of services in the industries it operates and has a strong presence in Malaysia, Nepal and the Middle Eastern countries. In partnership with some of the best known brand names in their respective industries SNB group is expanding globally.

At SNB group our missions are passionately guided by our vision. We have started an online publishing out of strong belief that everyone should have access to right information at the right time. Likewise, our ecommerce and online marketplaces are result of our mission to bring all products to every one’s fingertip. We are pursuing our goal of making travel and ticketing a pleasant experience through our travel and ticketing services while we strive to take Nepalese fine dining to its finest level.

To serve underserved nepalese diaspora, SNB group has became a leading digital content provider in Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries. We have launched an online shopping services to provide you the best goods at the best price at your fingertip! To make promotion of your products and services result yielding we are making every effort through our advertising and promotion business.

We have launched an online shopping services to provide you the best goods at the best price at your fingertip! many claim doing so but we are here to prove it by our actions. After witnessing various shortcomings of existing online stores in product ranges, delivery system, customer value, product quality and ease of shopping we strongly believe that we  can provide you the best online shopping experience as we directly address those shortcomings of existing online stores.

SnBshopping is Asia’s latest  online shopping E-mall that connects customers to variety of quality products at competitive prices, in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Endless selections and shocking deals from Fashion, Electronics, Home & Living, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Kids & Baby, Grocery and Services & Books .

Snbshopping is an open marketplace operated by Dream Quest Investment Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal and Dream Net Sdn Bhd in Malaysia Under SnB Group. online shopping in Nepal. You can shop online at by just staying at home saving time and energy and getting your goods delivered to their doorstep in reasonable price.No more traffic jams, crowds and long queues! Shop anytime, anywhere via your computer and mobile phone. With our quick and reliable delivery service, just sit back, relax and your package will come to you.