Gift Coupon

A.The Company or the Seller may issue gift/discount coupons, which provide discount of fixed amount or rate to relevant Member in the event the Member purchase the Products by using the purchasing Services.

B.The Member has the right to use the gift/discount coupon only for his or her own purchases, and the Member shall not, under any circumstances, engage in de-facto sale or transfer of such coupons to any other person.

C.The use of the gift/discount coupons may be restricted depending on certain items or amount, and such coupons cannot be used after the expiration of their respective expiry date. The gift/discount coupon may not be reusable after any refund is made due to cancellation or the return of the Products.

D.Any gift/discount coupons provided to the Buyer may not be used in multiple for the purchase of one (1) Product; provided, however, that to the extent the issuer of such gift/discount coupon is different (company or Seller), it may be possible to use multiple coupons for the purchase of one (1) item.