Terms of Free Sell on Snbshopping

1.The seller is fully responsible for the Listing on SnBshopping:

  • Seller is the valid owner of Products listed.
  • Seller has the right to sell the Products online 
  • The products conform to all applicable laws regulations.
  • The products strictly conform to the specifications, drawings, performance criteria other descriptions referred to/or proved on the website by Seller.
  • Products are free from defects in terms of materials, performance, operation & workmanship.
  • No misleading information is included on the website.
  • The price of the listed Product is competitive.
  • No illegal or offensive content is inserted on the Website.

2.Without limiting the foregoing, you may not list on our site or sell any item which:

  • Cosmetics endangering the safety or health of the customer, items without authorization from BFAD/ Bureau of Food and Drug.
  • Pornography.
  • Firearms or any hazardous weapons.
  • Black-market Items.
  • Stolen goods.
  • Goods that were imported illegally.
  • Illegal items.

3. Company reserves the right to reject any product(s) order you place with us, and/or or to quantities on any order, without giving any reason. If we reject your order, we will generally attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you gave us when you placed the order.

4.Company may, at its own discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. Company also reserves the right to reject any order you placed. 

5.Company reserves the right to limit or prohibit sales to dealers or re-sellers.

6. Any person who wishes to join and use the Services provided by the Company shall provide the required information in the membership application form provided by the Company. There are mandatory items and optional items that are to be filled in by the Member at the time he or she signs up for the membership, and all mandatory items must be filled in. The type of items to be provided in the form of application for joining the membership varies depending on whether the applicant is individual or corporate.

7. Any Individual Buyer Member and/or Individual Seller Member shall fill in the following items (mandatory items): Member ID (ID), password, email address, name, contact number, whether the Member wishes to receive advertising emails or advertising SMS, and whether the Member consents to his or her personal information being provided to or used by the partner companies¬¬ and the personal information management consignment company.

8.Any Business or Global Seller Member shall fill in the following items(mandatory items): type of business, Member ID (ID), password, name of the company (name of the business), name of the representative, business enterprise registration number, email address, contact number of the representative, fax number, location of the business, account number to which the sales price of the Products may be remitted, business conditions, type, category, corporate registration number, e-commerce business registration number, major line of business, whether it wishes to receive advertising emails or advertising SMS, and whether it consents to its personal information being provided to or used by the partner companies and the personal information management consignment company.

9.The Company or the Seller may issue discount coupons, which provide discount of fixed amount or rate to relevant Member in the event the Member purchase the Products by using the purchasing Services.

10.The Member has the right to use the discount coupon only for his or her own purchases, and the Member shall not, under any circumstances, engage in de-facto sale or transfer of such coupons to any other person.

11.The use of the discount coupons may be restricted depending on certain items or amount, and such coupons cannot be used after the expiration of their respective expiry date. The discount coupon may not be reusable after any refund is made due to cancellation or the return of the Products.