• Anchovy Dry Fish Brunei Macha (sold)
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    Dried Anchovy made in Malaysia enjoys a good reputation in the market among other origins. It is boiled/cooked on board and dried in oven in a hygenic way. The texture of dried anchovy is soft and fresh. The anchovies heads and guts are removed mannually and peel into ... Dried Anchovy (Fillet) -- White Fillet  1) Without Heads and Guts  2) Cooked On Board  3) Dried In Oven 
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  • CTC Tea1
    Condition: New
    Rakura Amazingly Refreshing CTC Tea 500g CTC tea is a type of black tea that is made through a nonorthodox process called Crush, Tear and Curl and is a very popular beverage in South Asia, CIS, the Middle East and UK. It has proven to be a great alternative to ...